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rambly ‘how i feel’ post. (even though i havent posted for months)

i feel shite, if im honest. i havent felt this anxious in probably about a year. everything is niggling at me and i want to cry constantly.

theres an ache in me and i cant work out whats causing it, its a pit of nerves and panic and worry and i keep trying to calm it down and my boyfriend tries to help but it wont go away, i feel sick.

househunting for uni is frustrating me and i know im not going to like one of the people i live with next year, but i feel like i have no say, because i feel like im not worthy of an opinion.

everytime i want to say something honest i fluff it up, make it sound less brutal, but my point gets lost in the fluff, and i know im going to end up just as unhappy as i am this year.

limiting myself by having two friends (one of which being my boyfriend) is causing so much more hassle, because i have nobody outside of the circle to discuss with. hense why i am rambling here.

i miss the ease of life before uni, uni has caused nothing but issues. i miss not being anxious, and i wish i knew how to stop it.

iyakatiee-deactivated20130911: Thank you so much for my picture comment. I do hope you've had a lovely day ♡


anyone fancy telling me how to stop having bad days and taking them out on other people? thanks